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Question to Ponder: Will a Woman Ever Have Her Own Late Night Show?

So, I was up way too late the other night and watching Conan O’Brian and I got excited that he will be taking over for Leno soon, and then I thought about the whole who will be the next Leno controversy and I realized these shows really are all about old white dudes and Jimmy Kimmel and Carson Daly.   Not once have I heard someone say, you know what would be a sweet idea, let’s replace Leno with a really hilarious woman!  How is it that we think that that only these dudes can make people laugh during the 11-1:30 slot?  I feel like people like to get worked up about how Americans don’t want to get their news from women, but I’ve decided I’m more worked up over the fact that I can’t get my parodied news from women.  It’s not like there aren’t funny women out there.  Here’s some women that I think would be awesome to host Late Night TV talk shows.  I guarantee all of these people are more interesting than Leno and Carson Daly.
6a00d83451bae269e200e551987c228834-800wi1 Tina Fey

Obviously, on the list because she is my heroine, but I also because I   think she’s the leading contender.  Here’s what she has going for her:

  • Has late night chops from her years on Saturday Night Live.
  • Her work on Weekend Update and 30 Rock proves she rocks when it comes to topical humor.
  • Improv background at Second City could make her good at ab libbing funny conversations with whoever is promoting their last movie.
  • She’s so hot right now thanks to Sarah Palin (probably the only positive contribution Sarah Palin made to the country if you think about it).
  • Sure, we’d have to wait till 30 Rock is done with it’s run, but I think Tina’s worth the wait.
  • 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live proved that Fey knows how to run her own show.
  • One of the most obviously feminist candidates for the position.

Amy Poehleramy-poehler

Amy Poehler is also hilarious and a little deranged and I like that.  Here’s what’s in her favor:

  • Also has Saturday Night Live experience and Weekend Update experience.
  • She’s well-known.
  • She’s pretty goofy, so she might be good at coming up with absurd segments in the same vein as Conan’s “In the Year 2000.”
  • She has an improv background too.

sambee01Samantha Bee

Samantha Bee is one of my favorite Daily Show correspondents because she always knows how to use being a woman to her advantage to make things especially outrageous or hilarious.

  • Her Daily Show experience means she knows how to take what’s going on in politics and the world and make it hilarious.
  • She could use her Daily Show experience to do a more hilarious man on the street feature than Jay Leno’s Jaywalking.
  • Bee’s background is in sketch comedy, which I also feel could be good for those little funny segments that always happen before the guests come out.  Those are usually the funniest part of these shows, might as well make them good!

Sarah Silvermansarah-silverman-cc08

Definitely my most controversial selection.  I feel like the thing that Sarah has going for her is she knows how to use humor to make shocking statements that can get people to think.  On the downside, not everyone sees her that way.  Here’s why I think she’d be good:

  • She certainly has a watchable quality in that you’re always wondering what crazy thing she is going to do next.
  • Controversy will get viewers and could open up some taboo conversations in a non-threatening, funny way.
  • She’s been doing her own show on Comedy Central for awhile, so she knows how to do it.
  • “I’m Fucking Matt Damon” is one of the most hilarious sketches to happen on a late show (The Jimmy Kimmel Show) in recent memory.

haskins_bioSarah Haskins

Sarah Haskins is my dark horse suggestion.  I know many of you out there are asking who the hell Sarah Haskins is, so I’ll tell you.  She does these hilarious Target Women sketches on Current TV (some kind of internet TV website) that mock the way things are marketed to women.  I’m in love with all of them, but especially the ones for birth control, yogurt, and cleaning products.  Here’s what works for her:

  • The Target Women spots are short funny bits and they rock.  Late night shows need them.
  • She’s really smart (Harvard grad!) and you like to see that in someone who is mocking topical news.
  • Along with Tina Fey, she is probably the one of the most obvious feminists.
  • Also has improv background.  I really do love those improv-ers.

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