Let Me Introduce Myself…

Your lovely and talented hostess

“Being a nerd, which is to say going too far and caring too much about a subject, is the best way to make friends I know.” – Sarah Vowell

Quick Stats:

Name: Ashley English

Location: Washington, DC

From: Many places (Denver, Arizona, NJ, Massachusetts). New England is my fave.

Education: Williams College, BA in Political Science (With Honors), The George Washington University, Pursuing an MA in Public Policy with a Concentration in Women’s Studies

Employer: Institute for Women’s Policy Research

At Bat Music: “Voodoo Chile” by Jimi Hendrix. It’s important to know your at bat music, even if the last time you played baseball a T and a hat that was too big for your child-sized head were involved.

Interests: Feminism, TV, Running, Boston sports, sarcasm, the state of Vermont, hot pink, Mexican food, op-ed pages, ultimate frisbee, irreverence, witty banter.

Greatest Accomplishments: Winning the Barrell of Monkeys Award for being the most fun player on my college frisbee team, nailing down a sweet job in something I love all on my own, graduating from a kick ass college, and running a couple of half marathons. Bonus points for the sweet job coming with free grad school.

The True Hollywood Story Version (Minus the Extended Drug Problem and Inevitable Trip to Rehab. I’m a clean cut girl after all!):

When I walk into a room, I look for the dork table. I’ve always been a fan of the dork table, not only is it where you meet the best people with the most interesting things to say and its also a great spot to go buckwild with my crazy thoughts and rants on just about anything. I figured starting a blog would be much like the virtual equivalent of the dork table in the cafeteria, so I started this one as an opportunity to share my thoughts on my experiences as a mid-20s woman interacting with the world (a world that mostly encompasses the world of pop culture, politics, and lots of 20-somethings living out our extended adolescences). Plus, after years and years of being kind of the quiet girl in class, I’m ready to tell people how it is and what I feel. As it turns out, I have really strong opinions on just about everything. They usually come out in rants that start, “See, here’s the thing…”Here’s a bit about who I am and what I actually do. I’m 26 and I live in Washington, DC where I work at the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, a feminist think tank, and attend graduate school at The George Washington University, where I am pursuing a Masters in Public Policy and Women’s Studies. In my dream world, I’m hoping to parlay that into a PhD focusing on women’s policy issues/women in the media. I also have a number of feminist/writing dream jobs most of which center on writing books or analyzing women’s issues in the media. I know I want to do a big project on the experiences of 20 something women as we’re so often neglected and more and more, it seems that the world doesn’t quite know what to do with us these days. I’m hoping this blog will get me going with the writing project, and help me refine my craft, if you will. Some of my big research projects have been on diverse topics such Title IX, 30 Rock, and the long-term pay gap. I also do a lot of editing for the Journal of Women, Politics & Policy.

Ok, enough about professional Ashley, time for fun Ashley. When I’m not at work, I can be found running on a treadmill (well, not now cause I’m hurt, but usually) often to train for something. I’ve gotten addicted to running and am looking forward to running a marathon. I’ve always been kind of a jock (the list of sports I’ve played is sort of ridiculous. My favorite one – ultimate frisbee – cause you can wear costumes and play at the same time). I may also be posting on a Lost message board or just generally being a TV nerd. I’m totally obsessed with pop culture because I think its fascinating what it tells us about the world. This is why fun Ashley’s dream job is to be a talking head on Best Week Ever. Or I Love the 90s. I’m flexible! I may also be decked out in hot pink. After years of hating it for its girly-ness, I’ve reclaimed it as my new favorite color. On a good day, I’ll be in Vermont, laying in the backyard, reading a book. If I could do nothing but read and write all day, I would! I also spend a lot of time following the Red Sox, which turned into a total obsession after my New England years. I wear a lot of t-shirts and as Jack Donaghy would say, my shoes are definitely “bi-curious” (which is to say, I have a lot of sneakers). I also have nerd glasses. I’m kind of into making my own t-shirts too. I even made that beautiful shirt I’m wearing in the picture above. Stenciling letters on shirts, though, is about as artsy as I get. Unless you count coloring. I’m a great colorer. I can also bang out a few chords on the guitar, which makes me at least as good as most of the crappy rockers that are on the radio these days. If only we could go back to the 90s (or the 60s) when music was good…

Anyways, back to the blog, my guess is that “See Here’s the Thing…” will probably be a place where the worlds of professional Ashley and personal Ashley will combine, giving you the best possible Ashley, an Ashley full of interesting insights on mundane everyday things mixed with the stuff I’ve learned at work and at school. So, get ready for a lot feministing, a lot of thoughts on pop culture, and really anything that might pop out of my head (its always an adventure in there). The links will probably be links to lots of things I think you should know about because I think they are pretty awesome. I also want to set up some of this stuff so its a resource for younger feminists, so be on the lookout for that stuff.


“No honestly I am dumb, most of the time I am just playing smart.” – Sam Seaborne
“Sexy is the thing I try to get them to see me as after I win them over with my personality”- Miranda Hobbes

“We’re adults. When did that happen? And how do we make it stop?” – Meredith Grey

“Wow. But then who would watch my TV?” – Jim Halpert

“Do you ever get the feeling like you were meant to do something extraordinary?”- Peter Petrelli

“Reality has a well-known liberal bias.” – Stephen Colbert

“I’ve seen Kevin in the shower, and he’s not the Greek god of anything.” – Terry Francona about YOOOOUUUUK


2 responses to “Let Me Introduce Myself…

  1. Dad


    Congratulations on getting your blog put together!!! I’m very excited for you. I’m also proud of you for deciding to step out and express yourself.

    Food for thought for today:

    What’s wrong with MLB regarding women? Women and baseball seem to have no relationship except for 13 year olds who squeal when in the presence Jacoby Ellsbury. Baseball must be the least progressive sport when it comes to roles for women. You need to work on that one.

    As a Boston Sports fan you also need to note that the Celtics took a step back with the arrival of dance girls. I don’t think Bill Russell or Red Auerbach would approve!

    Class move of the day, the Red Sox had Bill Buckner throw out the first pitch today.

    Again, Congratulations on the new blog!!!!

  2. Michaela

    In all honesty, I came upon your site because I was doing government homework and wanted to know the difference between descriptive and substantive representation – and luckily for me, your handy article popped up on Google. At first look, I couldn’t quite catch where my prolonged answer was, but it didn’t matter because I was instantly lulled into reading the rest. I was, and still am, an avid Hillary Clinton supporter, and I had to agree with everything you said about Palin and just overall her incoherency and everlasting inability to suffice for the vice-presidency. Anyhow, thank you very much for that article, but pertaining to the one above, I noticed that I’m a lot like you … or you’re a lot like me? Either way, I thank you again and I hope you’re as excited as me to watch the new episode of Lost tonight!

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