This is the First Time I’ve Been Cited as an Expert in the Press

Check out my comments on why women are underrepresented in student government in the GW Hatchet.

It’s exciting!


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One response to “This is the First Time I’ve Been Cited as an Expert in the Press

  1. Rob

    Congrats! I’d like you to respond to a couple questions on your points:

    “English also said female candidates feel like they are being judged for more than just their political beliefs when they run for office.”

    Why do you think this is the case? I think the same is absolutely true for men, but that it tends not to dissuade them as much, or at least we tend to ignore the fact that looks matter in men. For example, younger male politicians tend to be almost universally handsome, and older ones still have the steely, authoritative look to them. The average presidential height is significantly higher than population’s average. In Gladwell’s Blink he talks about our obsession with Tall Dark and Handsome in politics, telling the story of Warren G. Harding, one of the worst presidents the country has ever had, and also one of the best looking. I think Palin is exactly in the same vein, so I just think it’s not about men vs. women here.

    That all said, you still get guys like Joe Lieberman or Dick Cheney in positions of extreme responsibility (I pick them because they’re not lookers and clearly don’t care that much). For that matter, look at Madeleine Albright, or the Iron Lady. Are you saying that the problem is that they FEEL judged, or that they ARE judged for more than just their political credentials?

    “She added that female candidates are judged on their looks more so than males.”

    So you do think there is truth to it? I just don’t know that it’s the case. Unfortunately, looks matter in politics (and life; look at CEOs, generals, etc.) in general, and it’s not specific to women. I think the way you overcome this is confidence and swagger; that is, if you feel like you’re being judged and act that way, then you’re limited. What do you think?

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