Here is a Woman Doing Something Awesome

Every now and then, I find a woman who seems to be doing something totally awesome and I feel like other people should know about it.  This is one of those cases.  As you may know, I am a fan of running and dressing like a complete and total lunatic when I am doing so.  This is actually harder than you would think since running companies tend to produce things that are “tasteful” or “generally considered attractive” in colors that most people think look good.  But, I am always out there on the hunt for something wild.  In this case, my sister consulted me on how to find an insane running skirt for the Cherry Blossom Run, and I found what might be the greatest running website ever, Running Funky.

So, I hit Running Funky on the old Google search and I immediately felt good.  Then I started looking around I felt great.  Multicolored neon patterns.  Check.  Holiday themed patterns. Check.  Ability to buy skirts, tights, or even a unitard.  You betcha.  They have everything I have ever wanted out of running gear.  Now, granted, I have not actually used these products, but they really fit my aesthetic since I am someone who also owns this running skirt.  So, obviously, I will love them.  Plus, they were designed by a runner and runners tend to design great running stuff!


Anyways, I digress.  Just as I was in neon lyrca heaven, I explored the website a little more and found out Running Funky was started by a woman who has been running forever, and like me, likes to look like a freak show during races.  She also seems to employ all women.  So, truly the best part is that I can dress like a neon idiot while supporting a smalll, independent, woman-owned business.  I love it so much I can’t stand it.  Sadly, my new computer means I should wait before purchasing some sweet gear from Running Funky.  But, fear not, it will happen.  I am running a St. Patrick’s Day race and my birthday is April.  Man, this stuff just makes me just want to get back in shape.  Good work ladies!


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