8:28 PM:  I get a call on my phone from the Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC for short and yes, I do know their number!).  I answer it expecting information about my volunteer gig (which I still know nothing  about).  I answer and they ask for me, because, get this, I AM GOING TO THE WHITE HOUSE ON WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This afternoon, the PIC sent out an email saying that the first people to respond would get to go to a special reception at the White House on Wednesday and they could bring a guest.  So, I was right at my computer and immediately responded and went on about my day until they called.  I managed to get in time to go!  WOOOOO!  I’m bringing my sister.

So, now I need to figure out:

a) What do I want to ask the President if I get to talk to him?
b) What does one wear to meet the President?

INSANE.  I’m totally insaned out now.


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