Saturday: Before the Ball

Not too much excitement until the ball tonight, but in the spirit of the running diary, I’ll keep updating.

11:39 AM:  I just received this email from my dad about tomorrow’s concert.  Here it is in it’s entirity.  My dad is known for great emails, by the way.

“I just heard that the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus are going to perform at the concert tomorrow. It’s worth considering, whether or not, it is worth enduring this pain in order to see Bruce, U2 and JT.”

I should note that by JT he means James Taylor, not Justin Timberlake.  I don’t know my dad’s feelings on Justin!

I still plan on braving the cold, almost entirely because Bruce was awesome when I saw him over the summer.  I hope he plays “American Land.”

And with that, I’m going back to my homework which is about how the religious right ruined everything.  Thank god they are out of there in 3 days!

12:01 PM: Another note from Dad: “VIP tickets would be a good thing!! Bring ear plugs so that you don’t have to hear the teeny bopper performers. By the way if for some reason Britney Spears shows up I expect you guys to leave immediately!”


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