Friday Evening: It’s Formal Wear off the HOOK!

3:00 -7:00 PM:  I just spent the afternoon stuffing gift bags so I can get into the ball tomorrow night for free.  It was funny being with people who came in from out of town for all the madness.  All the event planners were New Yorkers who had 3 balls in 3 days and they seemed sort of fried.  I had a funny conversation with one of them though.  It went like this:

Me: Did you find the temple you’re trying to go to for services tomorrow?

Her:  Yeah, and guess what?  To get there I have to go through Dupont Circle!  Have you seen the American President? She always got lost in Dupont Circle.

Me: That was always happening on the West Wing too.  So, at least if you get lost tomorrow you can say you had an authentic DC experience.

That Aaron Sorkin really must have had trouble with Dupont.

Another plus of volunteering is that I figured out I could get my friend Angela in too!

After I left

In case anyone out there is wondering, this is the rough plan for the weekend.  I feel like this seems to keep shifting…

7:30 PM:  I hit Filene’s Basement for ball supplies.  You guys, let me tell you, Ashley English style is already seeming to be the way to do the ball.  Now, some people who have been registering their inaugural ball dresses on some website so that they can make sure to wear something original.  Obviously, that is insane.  I mean, seriously, it matters that much?  Also, this is WASHINGTON, DC people.  It’s not like this is a fashionable city.  Anyways, I obviously avoided that madness by not making ball plans till the afternoon before.  When that happens, you have a couple options.

1) Look in your closet and realize all of your formal wear has been worn to a wedding or a prom.  Think about wearing something from a wedding, cause hey, it probably fits and your friend had good taste in bridesmaid dresses.  Dream about wearing your prom dress because it’s pretty and how awesome would it be if it still fits.  Sort of decide these options are nuts and go to Filene’s anyways.

2) Show up at Filene’s like 20 minutes before it’s closing and see what you can do.  In my case, this meant realizing that there are only like 4 racks that still have dresses on them.  But, I pushed through and found an awesome dress that was $158 for $25.  Score.  Then, rush through Filene’s trying to find shoes and accessories.  I found shoes for 40 percent off and everything I needed.  The whole thing (shoes, earrings, dress) was like $50 and I got in all in 20 minutes.  I rock.

Also, this was the inspiration for another great convo.  I’ve loved talking to the people today.

Checkout Lady:  Damn girl, you did good.  Inaugural ball?

Me: Yeah, I just found out I was going today.

Checkout Lady:  It’s formal wear off the hook in here!


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