Friday: Let Inauguration Weekend Begin!

I have to admit I’m not sure how much this feature is going to touch on my usual feminist themes, but I thought it would be fun to do a running diary type thing of Inauguration weekend.   Here it goes!

11:30ish AM:  Ever sine I found out the National Council of Women’s Organizations was having an Inaugural Ball, I decided to should try to scam my way into it.  Somehow, I decided scamming my way into balls would be a good source of entertainment.  Tickets to everything are so hard to get that I thought the challenge might be amusing.   In my ideal world, I would somehow also get into the official Obama Youth Ball, but I think that’s a pipe dream.  Anyways, it looked like I wasn’t going to be able to pull this off and then today I got the call that I can go for free!  WOO!  Of course, this means I now need to frantically find a dress and actually shave my legs.  The condition for attending this thing means some volunteering stuffing goody bags this afternoon.

12:30ish PM: Went to pick up lunch.  Au Bon Pain is selling “Yes We Can Cookies.”  I should note here, that the amount of Obama stuff you can buy in DC right now is insane.  You cannot walk a block downtown without hitting a street vendor selling shirts, hats, buttons, key chains, bobbleheads, etc.   Because I am me, I definitely could not resist a hot pink Barack Obama inaugural sweatshirt.  It will make an appearance this weekend, don’t you worry.

1:39 PM:  Given that they have closed off every road in the city it seems and the Metro will be a total disaster, lots of people are planning on sleeping at the office on Monday night  (we’re fairly close the Mall and very close to the White House).  I know there are plans for cupcakes and I was thinking of bringing the West Wing DVD’s.  My boss is staying as well.  In fact, she’s currently making a census of who is coming to what I’m sure will be a very bizarre and very fun sleepover.  This whole thing seems worth mentioning because this is just how insane this whole thing is.  LOTS of DC-ers are actually planning on doing stuff like this.


NCWO Ball!


See the free concert with Springsteen and like a gagillion other people.  It’s like 20 degrees today, by the way, hopefully this will change by concert time.  If not, I’m totally bringing a sleeping bag.


Pre-Inauguration Sleepover!


Either volunteering (the Inaugural Committee has failed to give me an assignment yet) or finding a good jumbotron on the mall!

More to come!  And hopefully pictures!


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