Ah, the scene from the bar as we learned about PRESIDENT OBAMA!  WOOO!

Here are some thoughts that have gone through my head about this in the last 40 minutes.

  • So, this is what it feels like to be really proud of being an American.  Cool.
  • DC right now is like Boston was when the Red Sox won the World Series in 2004.  ALL of the cars are honking as they drive down the street, everyone was cheering and dancing and high fiving strangers.  Some fireworks just went off.  It was crazy.  SO fun.  And last I saw 92% of us DC-ers voted for Obama, so we’re pumped.
  • If the Democrats get a super majority, I can die and go to heaven.
  • You betcha Tina Fey is psyched that her Sarah Palin days are over.
  • I hope some of my town of town friends want to come visit for the inauguration.  WOOO PARTY!
  • DC with the Obama people will definitely be cooler than DC with the Bush people.
  • I feel like my feminist office should shut down and just party tomorrow.
  • People at the bar and in the streets were crying they were so happy.  I love to see things like that.
  • I saw Obama’s Hope speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention in Boston.  I was up in the rafters of the then Fleet Center (now TD Bank North Garden, or something like that).  I was blown away then.  Now I feel like I was at something that was a huge part of history.
  • Did I mention I am excited for the inauguration?  Because I am really excited for it!
  • OOO, just thought of taking the White House tour now that Obama will be President.  Let’s put that on the January agenda!
  • The first puppy has come up a number of times now.  Obviously it should be a goldendoodle like this:teddy3

(On an unrelated note, CNN has lost it.  People connecting via hologram?!?!?!?!  I can’t wait to see what Jon Stewart does with that one.)

Ok, I thought about live blogging Obama’s speech, but instead I think I will kick back with my Sam Adams and enjoy it!

A little Wednesday morning update, we get to work on a transition memo at work!  YAY!


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  1. Bobby

    Shouldn’t there be a “Road To the Presidency: Collector’s Edition Barack Obama Championship DVD” like there is for every sports team that wins the championship? Wouldn’t it be totally sweet for democrats everywhere that wanted to relive the entire season from the primaries, through the conventions and the debates, all the way up to election night and Obama’s speech. Bonus features in the DVD could include Palin and Biden gaffes, an interactive electoral vote map, and “Yes We Can” the making-of a campaign featurette, with interviews with all of the big strategy guys in Obama’s campaign. And obviously, if you order now, you’ll also get the limited edition hard-cover Time Magazine, and a Barack Obama hat and button from the DNC.

    If you ask me, CNN totally dropped the ball by not having the ads for this ready to go on election night.

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